• File:  IHAM-R

    (Exemption Procedure)

    Exemption will be granted from a specific portion of health education curriculum on the grounds that the material taught is contrary to the religious beliefs and/or teachings of the student or the student's parent/guardian.

    A request for exemption must be submitted in writing to the Assistant Superintendent-Director/ Principal in advance of instruction in that portion of the curriculum for which the exemption is requested.  The request must state the particular conflict involved.

    The Assistant Superintendent/Principal will confer with the teacher to determine the length of time a student will be exempt. The teacher will develop an alternative activity for which the student will receive credit.

    The Assistant Superintendent/Principal will inform the parent/guardian of disposition of the request within a reasonable number of school days of receipt of the request.


    LEGAL REF.:                        M.G.L. 71:1