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    The school calendar for the ensuing year will be prepared by the Superintendent and submitted to the School Committee for approval annually.  The number of days or instructional hours scheduled for the school year will be determined in accordance with the following standards set by the Massachusetts Board of Elementary and Secondary Education:

    1. Secondary schools will operate for a minimum of 180 days. Schools shall ensure that every secondary school student is scheduled to receive a minimum of 990 hours per school year of structured learning time, as defined in regulation. Time which a student spends at school breakfast and lunch, passing between classes, in homeroom, at recess, in non-directed study periods, receiving school services, and participating in optional school programs shall not count toward meeting the minimum structured learning time requirement for that student.

    For the information of staff, students, and parents, the calendar will set forth the days schools will be in session; holidays and vacation periods; in service days; and parent conferences.

    SOURCE: MASC October 2016

    LEGAL REF.:    M.G.L. 4:7; 69:1G; 71:1; 71:4; 71:4A; 71:73; 136:12

    603 CMR 27.00,

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    The category "School Year" is designed for policies about the year for students, rather than the working year for teachers and other staff members.

    Adopted: 6/17/21