• File:  GCIBA


    The Greater Fall River Vocational School District Committee will fully support with funds and released time appropriate safety measures and in-service safety education for staff. The Superintendent-Director will make recommendations with regard to the program such as the following:

    1. First-aid instruction for every shop or laboratory teacher and every physical education teacher as per teachers' contract.
    2. Short-term courses in the care and handling of accident victims for the school nurse and school physician to enable them to keep up-to-date on the latest methods and equipment applicable to the school accident cases.
    3. Provisions for eye protection devices: Each teacher and student of any school shall while attending school classes in industrial arts or vocational shops or laboratories in which caustic explosive chemicals, hot liquids or solids, hot molten metals or explosives are used or in which welding of any type, repair or servicing of vehicles, heat treatment or tempering of metals or the milling, sawing, stamping or cutting of solid materials or any similar dangerous process is taught, exposure to which may be a source of danger to the eyes must were an industrial quality eye protective device approved by the department of public safety. Each visitor to any such classroom or laboratory shall also be required to wear such protective devices (General Laws, Chapter 71, Section 55C.)
    4. All students except those enrolled in Drafting, Electronics, Health Assisting, Office Technology, Dental Assisting and Licensed Practical Nursing must wear safety shoes while in shop classes.