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    The School Committee will adopt a salary schedule for regular teaching personnel as part of the contract negotiated with the teachers' bargaining unit.  The schedule will be designed to recognize and reward training and experience and encourage additional study for professional advancement.


    Salaries will be reviewed annually prior to July 1.  The School Committee, with the advice of the Superintendent, will establish levels of compensation for each position based on the circumstances, dynamics, and requirements of each position.  Consideration may be given to individuals for exceptional performance as a basis for establishing merit increases for Principals.  It is the responsibility of the Superintendent to present evidence to the School Committee to support recommendations for salary increases.


    Salaries will be reviewed annually prior to July 1.  The Superintendent may, upon the request of the Committee, survey other school systems to determine salaries being paid for comparable positions in each system.  The survey will include the effective date of the specified salary.

    SOURCE: MASC September 2016

    LEGAL REFS.:  M.G.L. 71:40; 71:43

    CONTRACT REF.:  Teachers' Agreement

    Approved by SC: 6/17/21