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    Through its overall safety program and various policies pertaining to school personnel, the Greater Fall River Vocational School District Committee will seek to assure the safety of employees during their working hours and assist them in the maintenance of good health.

     Employees offered a position as a custodian, maintenance worker or food service worker must successfully pass a pre-employment physical examination (provided at School Committee cost) prior to the date of employment.

     The Superintendent may require an employee to submit to a physical examination by a physician appointed by the school system whenever that employee's health appears to be a hazard to children or others in the school system or when a doctor's certificate is legally required to verify need for sick leave.

     School employees, their families and members of their household are eligible to use the confidential services provided by the municipality's employee assistance program.

    SOURCE: MASC September 2016

     LEGAL REFS.:  M.G.L. 71:54; 71:55B; 71:55C

     CROSS REFS.:   EB, Safety Program

     Adopted by SC: 10/11/2018