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    1. The teacher is responsible for the health, safety and security of student assigned to a teacher during regularly scheduled classes, homeroom activities and out-of-school programs directly connected with the school's educational program.
    2. Should it be necessary for the teacher to be absent from class due to an emergency the teacher should make specific arrangements with another person to take responsibility for the class, and should notify the supervisor or administration immediately.
    3. It is recognized that after proper preparation a student teacher or intern needs the experience of teaching a class without the supervising teacher being present. However, the supervising teacher retains the responsibility for the class during such circumstances and shall remain in close proximity in event the student teacher or intern needs assistance.
    4. The certified teacher cannot avoid the responsibility for supervision of students. The Regional School Committee elects and contracts with the teacher on the basis of qualifications for teaching.
    5. Teachers are responsible for the appearance and care of their rooms and of furniture and fixtures in those rooms.
    6. The need for maintenance, repair or replacement of furniture, fixtures or equipment should be reported promptly to the appropriate administrator for such purposes. Teachers are not to move furniture in and out of classrooms without permission from the administration.
    7. Teachers have responsibility for insuring that students properly use textbooks and other learning materials, instructional equipment and aids, furniture and the classroom itself.
    8. Any abuse by students in the care of school property shall be handled appropriately by the teacher and all such abuses shall be reported to the appropriate administrator.


    CONTRACT REF.:    Teacher's Contract