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    1. Pursuant to any power of the Regional School Committee to operate or provide the operation of school food service programs under their jurisdiction, a Regional School Committee may establish, maintain, operate and expand a school food service program for the students in any school building within the regional school district may make all contracts necessary to provide material, personnel and equipment needed to carry out the provisions of this act; and if necessary may expend funds to meet the matching requirements and any other provisions of said National School Lunch Act and such other programs under this section include student breakfasts, student lunches and for the elderly.
    2. School committees may use, therefore, funds disbursed to them under the provisions of the act, gift and other funds received from the sale of school lunches and other meals under such programs.
      1. Such contributions received in the form of money together with fees from sale of lunches, other meals and any allotments received from the state under the provisions of this act for said purposes shall be deposited with the treasurer of the district and held as a separate account and expended by said school committee without appropriation not withstanding the provisions of Section 53 of Chapter 44 of the General Laws.
      2. Nothing in this act shall prevent cities or member communities or regional districts from appropriating funds in addition to those provided from other sources. 
    3. The Bureau of Nutrition Health and Safety and School Food Services, with the approval of the commissioner, shall prescribe regulations for keeping accounts and records and making of reports by or under the supervision of school committees.
      1. Such records and accounts shall at all times be available for inspection and audit by authorized officials and shall be preserved for such a period of time not in excess of five years as the bureau may lawfully prescribe.
      2. The bureau shall conduct or cause to be conducted such audits, inspections and administrative review of accounts, records and operations with respect to school food service programs as may be necessary to determine whether its agreements with school committees or other sponsors of school food service programs and other regulations made pursuant to this act are being complied with and to insure that school food service programs are efficiently administered.
    4. Provision for training personnel, research and development, consultant assistance and the acceptance and distribution of surplus foods are also included in the Massachusetts School Lunch Act (Massachusetts School Lunch Act, Sections 2 - 10).