• File: EEA


    The major purpose of the school system's transportation services is to aid students in getting to and from school and school-related events in an efficient, safe, and economical manner.

    The school system will contract for transportation services.  The School Committee will award con­tracts on a competitive bid basis.  Bus contractors and taxi contractors, who will be held res­ponsible for the safe operation of school buses, will comply with all applicable state laws and regulations, including but not limit­ed to:

    1. Specifications for school bus design and equipment
    2. Inspection of buses
    3. Qualifications and examinations of bus drivers
    4. Driving regulations
    5. Small vehicle requirements, if applicable
    6. Insurance coverage
    7. Adherence to local regulations and directives as specified in bid contracts

    The Superintendent, working with the bus contractor and other ap­propriate administrators, will be responsible for establishing bus schedules, routes, stops, and all other matters relative to the transportation program.



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