• File: ECB


    1. The maintenance and repair program is viewed as a continuing long-term effort to maintain the appearance and functioning efficiency of the building and site.
    2. The maintenance and repair of the building and site is the direct responsibility of the building and grounds supervisor working under the Superintendent-Director.
    3. A long-term program of maintenance will be the basis of developing work schedules to accommodate work projects which have to be done two or three times a year, seasonally or once a year and once every two or three years. Money will be allocated each year in the regular budget for the support of the long term-term program of repair and maintenance of the school facilities. Such a program of repair and maintenance will include such projects as:
      1. Systematic scheduling of interior painting and maintenance.
      2. Care, repair, replacement of locks, alarms and other protective devices.
      3. Testing and recharging fire extinguishers, hoses, and sprinkling system.
      4. Maintenance, repair, replacement of working components of heating, lighting, electrical and communications systems.
      5. Maintenance, repair and replacement of hand and power tools and equipment used by custodial and maintenance workers and the students.
      6. Continuing care and improvement of school sites.