TEAS Test Registration

  • The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS VI) is a requirement. The current required version is the TEAS, Sixth Edition.


    Diman Regional Technical Institue requires all four subjects. The minimum requirements are listed below:

    Reading: Minimum score is 65%

    Math: Minimum score is 50%

    Science: Minimum score is 42%

    English: Minimum score is 55%


    Due to the current circumstances related to Covid-19, Diman will NOT offer testing through our school.

    Applicants are instructed to visit: www.atitesting.com

    1. create an account
    2. search ATI's Online Store
    3. upper left corner, we recommend TEAS at ATI
    4. if there isn't availability using TEAS at ATI, select TEAS (at the very top) and you can search locations by city/state. Note: additional fees may apply to send results to Diman


    This testing is done remotely, through ATI's Proctorio service. At the time of your registration you can select one (1) school to have your results automatically sent to once the test is complete and is included in your testing fee. If you require your results to be sent to a second school, you will have to request it through ATI's website for an additional fee after the test has been completed.


    For registration assistance, you can contact ATI at 1-800-667-7531 and ask for online registration assistance.


    You Tube Resources

    Professor McAllister – Reading & English



    Brandon Craft – Math