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    Diman will not be conducting placement exams for the class of 2024.  We will be asking sending schools to make recommendations for courses.   We are asking students and parents to fill out a course selection form.  All students will be enrolled in mathematics, English, science, history, health, physical education and career readiness. Diman makes every effort to accommodate student course requests. Recommendations from sending schools and course work will determine if students are eligible for honors classes. If eligible, students will be placed as space permits. Special Education placement will be determined in team meetings.


    Vocational Technical Program Placement

    All ninth graders who enroll in Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School participate in a vocational technical exploratory program designed to help them learn about their talents and interests. Students list their top three exploratory choices on their application and explore each of them along with nine other shops (one of which is a non-traditional shop) for two to four days. Students are evaluated and scored) by each shop instructor. At the end of the students’ shop exploratory period, each student selects his/her program of choice, as well as a second third, fourth, fifth and sixth choice. Students are admitted into the shop of their choice based on the point total they receive on the Exploratory Evaluation Rubric. If a shop fills, based on point total, before a student gets his/her first choice, the Director of Guidance then moves to the student's second, third, fourth, fifth or sixth choice depending upon whether there is an opening in the shop.. If a student's point total on the Exploratory Evaluation Rubric does not qualify them for a shop of their choice, the Director of Guidance will place the student in a shop taking into consideration availability, shops explored, and student exploratory performance. This process continues until all students are placed.