• File: EBCB


    1. The school district will cooperate with the fire department in maintaining fire-safe conditions within all school buildings and in regularly conducting fire drills for the protection of students and staff.
    2. The Superintendent-Director with the assistance of the building and grounds supervisor has the responsibility for periodic inspection of each room, corridors and space in the school. Purposes of these inspections are to remove any fire hazards; to insure that flammable supplies and materials are properly stored; to check the condition for proper location of all fire extinguishes and alarms; and to insure that there is no obstruction in any corridor or stairway.
    3. Fire drills will be held as required by the Fall River Fire Department. Instructions for fire drills will be printed in the teachers' handbooks and District Crisis Manual. Instructions with regard to primary and secondary exits will be posted in a prominent place near the door of every room.
    4. The fire drill shall include the complete removal of teachers and students from the building in an orderly manner by means of designated fire exits to places of safety on the grounds outside the building. It shall be the responsibility of every teacher (shop and classroom) to insure that all students under his/her supervision have evacuated the building. If any student is unaccounted for, it shall be the responsibility of the teacher to report this to the main office.
    5. In event of fire, drill procedures shall be followed. It is vitally important that teachers and administrators act forcibly and calmly to maintain order and prevent panic.
    6. All students who are transported by bus shall have two evacuation drills from the school bus each year. These drills shall be conducted on the school grounds--the first one during the first week of school and the second one during the month of March.  Each drill shall include instruction in the location of fire extinguishes and emergency exits and the actual use of all exits to evacuate the bus.