Postsecondary Career Vocational Technical Education (CVTE) Linkage Initiative

  • A CVTE student is:

    • enrolled in a Chapter 74 approved high school program (All Diman students are considered CVTE eligible).
    • required to complete a CVTE Verification form (refer to Appendix B) available in Pupil Personnel Services at Diman.
    • potentially eligible for articulated and earned college credit (refer to Appendix E).
    • encouraged to take free college courses while in high school possibly getting a jump-start on their postsecondary educational goals.
    • required to maintain an average of a B or better grade in their trade and a 3.0 or higher overall Grade Point Average (GPA) while in high school.
    • eligible to participate in any programs offered by the Bristol CVTE Linkage.
    • is challenged to achieve college readiness through personal educational and vocational advancement.