What is Articulation?

  • Articulation refers to agreements made between Diman and colleges and other institutions of higher learning. These agreements indicate that the higher institution recognizes the quality and advance level of (especially) the vocational studies offered at Diman. The agreement only becomes a reality after the higher institution examines our courses and agrees that the Diman course is equal to and follows the same high standards of rigor that the college requires.

    Once Diman enters into an articulation agreement, you, the student benefits. Maintain a “B” or better average in the agreed upon course and you will receive the number of credits offered for that course once you are enrolled in the college or institution.

    There are conditions included in an articulation agreement. You must maintain a “B” or better average in shop/related and at least an overall GPA of 3.0 upon graduation. In addition, you must continue your studies at the college level in the same trade area you studied in high school. For ex- ample: You are a Diman graduate from our Office Technology program. You have maintained a “B” or better average in shop/related. You will be awarded 7 credits when you register at BCC (accord- ing to the current agreement) provided you continue in the same program at BCC. However, if you decide to study Automated Machine Technology at BCC, you may not receive articulated credits because the classes you studied at Diman are not part of Automated Machining at BCC. Current articulation agreements are listed in the Appendix of this manual.

    In summary, articulation:

    • Gives you a head start on the credits required for college graduation.
    • Eliminates repetition of courses and training.
    • Provides for advanced placement opportunities in college.
    • Allows you to accumulate college credits in the introductory level college courses while still in high school.
    • Offer free credits, which will appear on your college transcript once you enroll in the compatible program in college.
    • Saves you time and money in the pursuit of a college degree