Instructions for Bristol CVTE (Tech Prep) Students Enrolling at Bristol Community College

  • CVTE (Tech Prep) students who are admitted to Bristol Community College (BCC) will likely be eligible for 3 or more, free college credits there, once enrolled. These credits are for courses that are offered in high school and also in your chosen career pathway at BCC.

    In order to have these credits appear on your transcript, and to avoid repeating those classes at BCC you must take the following steps:

    • Be sure that you have returned your CVTE (Tech Prep) verification form to your Diman guidance counselor
    • Bring the enclosed papers to your first advisement meeting at BCC
    • You will be sent to the CVTE (Tech Prep) office in C203 to have your credits processed
    • At registration, do not register for those courses indicated on the attached forms

    NOTE: You must be matriculating in the college program that matches your high school pathway in order to receive articulated credit. For example, a student who was in an engineering pathway in high school cannot receive credit for CAD 15 if he/she decides to enroll in Early Childhood Education.

    NOTE: You must have completed a CVTE (TechPrep) registration form in high school in order to redeem articulated credits.