CVTE Definitions

  • Accuplacer©: A standardized exam, which tests your achievements in math, English and writing. It is often referred to as the College Placement Test or CPT. It is a required entrance exam in all Massachusetts state colleges and universities and is administered at Diman as well as Bristol Community College (BCC). It determines your readiness for success in college level courses. See page 8 for additional information on the CPT.

    Articulated Credit: As the high school enters into agreements with BCC and other col- leges and universities, free college credits are offered to you based on the trade courses you have taken at Diman. This means that any course for which we develop an agreement will be worth the credits offered for that course provided that you have received a B or better in the high school course. See the Appendix for a list of all articulation agreements in place at Diman.

    Bristol CVTE Linkage: This is the new title given to the more familiar program know as Tech Prep. It represents our partnership with BCC. This partnership covers the award of articulated credits and any programs that are offered by CVTE, including Career Days and free college courses. “CVTE” is the acronym for Career and Vocational Technical Education.

    C.O.P.S.: The Certificate of Occupational Proficiency Standards represents how you score on a detailed list of all the areas in which you are expected to demonstrate sufficient skills to en- ter the workforce or higher education. This list is specific to competencies in your trade area.

    Grids: Spreadsheets showing in chart form each of the courses in a career pathway at BCC. The chart also includes each high school course necessary to take at Diman in order to pre- pare for further education in that particular career pathway. See your guidance counselor for the grids.

    Postsecondary: This refers to higher education pursued after high school.