AccuPlacer© (College Placement Test) Questions

  • What is the purpose of the AccuPlacer?
    The AccuPlacer determines your competency in the three critical skill areas (reading, writing, and mathematics). The mathematics is comprised of arithmetic and algebra.

    When can I take the AccuPlacer?
    The AccuPlacer can be taken as early as Spring of the Junior year. See your guidance counselor for advice.

    Where can I take the AccuPlacer?
    You may take the math and the reading at DIMAN (listen to morning and afternoon announcements for details or check with a guidance counselor).

    The Department of Assessment and Testing at BCC also administers the Accuplacer© by appointment. You must take the writing portion at BCC.

    How do I prepare for the AccuPlacer?
    Obtain a study guide from Mrs. Sundby.

    What do I bring with me to the test (BCC or at Diman)?
    BCC will issue the student a nine (9) digit Student Identification number, a pen, and a calculator (a graphing calculator will NOT be allowed). Drinks and Food are NOT ALLOWED in the testing room.

    How long is the test?
    The computerized portion is approximately two hours long but untimed. The written essay is 50 minutes long.

    When do I get my scores?
    The AccuPlacer program calculates and provides your scores immediately at the end of the test.

    Do my AccuPlacer scores affect my admission to college?
    No. The scores only determine if there is a need for developmental courses.

    What are developmental courses?
    Developmental courses are those that help students bring their skills up to the level required for success in college. Although the courses are at the college, these courses DO NOT COUNT toward a college degree.