• File: CDG


    USE OF FUNDS – Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School states that funds will be used expressly for Title I School Wide students.  Funds are kept in separate accounts and are not commingled with other funds.  The school district understands that separate bank accounts are not necessary.  In addition, the school district states that federal Title I funds are used to supplement local and state expenditures for School Wide services.  The school district understands that federal School Wide funds are appropriately used to pay the excess costs for services to School Wide Students.

    The school district states that it complies with the non-supplanting requirement and uses federal Title I funds to supplement state and local funds.  The school district’s maintenance of effort is documented in the end of the year report and shows that the school district’s spending of state and local funds for the education of students with disabilities is at least the same, either in total or per capita, as the amount it spent for that purpose in the previous fiscal year. The school district understands that it may reduce the level of expenditures below the level of expenditures for the preceding fiscal year for several reasons, including changes in personnel and a decrease in the enrollment of students.  The school district further understands that the required amount of state and local funds that must be spent from year to year for Title I may be gradually decreased as the federal share of the costs of Title I increases.  The Department will maintain records to ensure that such consideration is fully given in the calculation of whether or not the school district is meeting the non-supplanting requirement.   The school district understands that this flexibility is provided subject to continued compliance with all Title I requirements and that it may be withheld if the district does not actively correct non-compliance when identified.