• File: CCB


    The regional school system expects the Superintendent-Director to establish clear understandings on the part of all personnel of the working relation­ships in the regional school system.

    Personnel will be expected to refer matters requiring administrative action to the administrator to whom they are responsible.  The ad­ministrator will refer such matters to the next higher administra­tive authority when necessary.

    It is expected that the established lines of authority will serve most purposes.  But all personnel will have the right to appeal any decision made by an administrative officer through established grievance procedures.

    Additionally, lines of authority do not restrict in any way the cooperative, sensible working together of all staff members at all levels in order to develop the best possible school programs and services.  The established lines of authority represent direction of authority and responsibility; when the staff is working togeth­er, the lines represent avenues for a two-way flow of ideas to im­prove the program and operations of the regional school system.