1. The quorum for the transaction of business shall be a majority of the Committee with no more than one member community not represented at the meeting but a number less than a quorum may adjourn.
    2. All voting at District School Committee meetings must be by voice or roll call or both and no secret ballot shall be used.  Votes relayed by telephone or written votes by absent members are not valid (General Laws, Chapter 39, Section 23A).
    3. Should the chairperson be in doubt on a voice vote he/she shall call for a show of hands.  He/she shall count affirmative, negative and abstentions and the vote shall be so recorded. Any member may have his/her vote recorded by name.
    4. No action shall carry unless it shall receive a majority vote of members present.
    5. The District School Committee may under certain circumstances and for certain kinds of actions require more than a majority vote to carry (Robert's Rule of Order Revised).
    6. The chairperson of the District School Committee always has the right to vote, but he/she may choose to vote only when his/her vote affect the result (Robert's Rules of Order Revised).
    7. Any policy whose provisions are taken directly from the district agreement may be amended only   by a two-thirds vote of the District Committee or by a signed petition of ten percent of any one of the members municipalities.
    8. The Regional School District Agreement from page 2 through page 10 shall be the official by-laws  of the Committee and are part of this policy.


    Robert's Rules of Order Revised

    LEGAL REFS.:         

    M.G.L. 39:23B; 71:42; 71:56