• File: BEB


    1. A special meeting of the Greater Fall River Vocational School District Committee may be called by the chairperson of the District School Committee acting alone or by the chairperson upon written request from two members of the District School Committee.
    2. The Superintendent-Director may call a special meeting with the consent of the chairperson.
    3. The Superintendent-Director will notify the District School Committee members by telephone or by mail at least forty-eight hours in advance of the time and place of the special meeting.  If any member of the District School Committee is not properly notified about a special meeting, the legality of any action taken could be subject to challenge.
    4. The agenda for special meetings is restricted to only such business that appears at the call of the meeting unless words such as the following are included in the call; "...and such other business as may properly come before it."
    5. The law provides that a special meeting need not necessitate a public notice should an emergency exist.  Emergency is defined as a situation where immediate undelayed action is deemed "imperative" by the Committee.
    6. All special meetings are open to the public and press unless the Committee votes to go into executive session.  To go into executive session requires a roll call vote.
    7. All procedures and rules concerning regular meetings shall apply to special meetings.