• File: BE-R


    1.  The Greater Fall River Vocational School District Committee will conduct its meetings in an efficient, orderly manner so as to expedite the business of the agenda.
    2. Rules may be suspended by a two-thirds vote.
    3. No rule shall be amended or repealed or new rule added except by a vote of the majority of the full Committee; the proposed amendment or addition having been introduced in writing at the previous regular meeting and the notice of the proposed change having been included in the call of the meeting at which the action was taken.
    4. District School Committee meetings except for executive session are open to the public.  Citizens and employees are invited to attend and any district citizen or employee desiring a place on the agenda should submit such a request in writing to the Superintendent-Director at least seven days prior to the meeting.
    5. The chairperson will decide prior to the opening of the meeting whether any visitor who has not requested to be on the agenda wishes to bring anything to the attention of the Committee may be allowed to address the Committee.
    6. Cases of discipline, school management, instruction or administration of any kind will be brought before the Committee only when reported by the Superintendent-Director or an appeal of a pupil, parent, teacher or other person from a decision of the Superintendent-Director which shall be addressed to the Chairperson of the Committee.
    7. No person shall address a meeting of the District School Committee without approval by a majority vote of the Committee.  Should a person attempt to speak without permission, he/she shall be requested to be silent by the chairperson.  If after a warning a person insists on disrupting the meeting in any way, the chairperson may order him to withdraw.  The Chairperson may order a law enforcement officer to remove him/her from the meeting (Robert's Rules Revised; General Laws, Chapter 39, Section 23C.)