• File: BDDA


    As the executive officer of the Greater Fall River Vocational School District Committee with the ultimate responsibility for the educational program of the school district, the Superintendent-Director is deserving of support of the District School Committee.

    1. He/she should be provided with the personnel, space, equipment and material resources to enable him/her to function efficiently in his/her position.
    2. He/she should be granted flexibility in his/her own schedule of time to compensate for excessively long, numerous evening meetings.
    3. After fulfilling his/her responsibilities to education, he/she has the right to participate in the social, religious and civic affairs of the community of his/her choice.
    4. He/she has the right to protection from fear of unreasonable termination of his/her contract.
    5. He/she needs protection from people who would use him/her or his/her office for his/her personal gain or prestige.
    6. He/she should be allowed to steer clear of factions within the district.
    7. He/she has the right to be protected from excessive and unfair criticism.
    8. He/she has the right to the appreciation of the District School Committee when his/her work is carried on in a conscientious and professional manner.