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    1. Call the meeting to order at the appropriate time.
    2. Preside at all meetings except that the vice-chairperson will exercise all duties of the chairperson in his/her absence.
    3. Presiding at meetings includes:
      1. Announcing the order of business.
      2. Stating and putting to a vote all questions regularly moved.
      3. Allowing for adequate discussion and debate on all matters which properly come before the Committee.
      4. Enforcing the observance of order and decorum.
      5. Announcing the results of  votes taken.
      6. Subject to appeal, deciding all questions of order and procedure.
    4. Authenticate by his/her signature when necessary all acts, orders and proceedings of the District School Committee.
    5. Represent the stand for the District School Committee, declaring its will and in all things obeying its decisions (Robert's Rules of Order Revised).
    6. Meeting shall be conducted according to Robert's Rules of Order Revised.



    1. The secretary shall keep a permanent record book in which all its votes, orders and proceedings shall be recorded (General Laws, Ch. 71, Section 36).
    2. The secretary need not be a member of the District School Committee.  He/she may be paid for his/her services.  The secretary may also be appointed to serve as the treasurer of the Committee (General Laws, Ch.71, Section 16A)
    3. The secretary shall be considered to be its clerk and notices of its meetings shall be filed with its secretary and posted in his/her office or on the official bulletin board of the district (General Laws, Ch. 71, Section 23A).
    4. If the office of secretary is vacant of if the secretary is unable to perform his/her duties because of disability, the Committee may appoint a temporary secretary to hold such office and exercise the powers and perform the duties thereof until a secretary is duly appointed or the secretary who was disabled or absent resumes his/her duties

    (General Laws, Chapter 71, Section 16A).



    1. The District Committee shall appoint a treasurer who may be the same person as the secretary but who need not be a member of the Committee.
    2. The treasurer shall receive and take charge of all money belonging to the district and shall pay any bill of the district which shall have been approved by the District Committee.
    3. The Committee may appoint an assistant treasurer who need not be a member of the Committee who may assist the treasurer in the performance of his/her duties or perform the duties of the treasurer in his/her absence.
    4. The treasurer and assistant treasurer may be compensated for their services.
    5. The treasurer and assistant treasurer shall be subject to the provisions of Section 35,52 and 109A of Chapter 41 of the General Laws to the extent applicable (General Laws, Chapter 71, Section 16A). 


    LEGAL REF.:            


    M.G.L. 71:36