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    The philosophy of Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School is supported by the following objectives.

    1. To develop in all students the highest degree of vocational and technical competency through an integrated shop and shop related program of instruction which emphasizes realistic work situations.
    1. To develop in all students respect and appreciation for academic knowledge and skills and an openness to cultural opportunities.
    1. To provide a course of instruction that allows for differences in student interest and aptitude.
    1. To maintain a flexible curriculum to stay abreast of technological and sociological changes.
    1. To develop a sense of responsibility, pride in one's work, and an appreciation of others through daily activities which emphasizes good work habits, such as punctuality, orderliness, thoroughness, and accuracy.
    1. To provide an atmosphere of mutual confidence, respect for authority, friendliness, and cooperation supported by discipline which is consistent, firm and fair.
    1. To foster good personal traits such as honesty, cooperation, industry, positive attitude, leadership, and personal appearance.
    1. To encourage in the student a desire for independent judgment, clear and critical thinking, and a need to be an articulate, participating member of our democratic society.
    1. To provide counseling and guidance to assist and advise students concerning personal problems, job and educational opportunities, and employment orientation.
    1. To encourage students to pursue, even after graduation, professional improvement leading to certification in all trade areas where applicable.
    1. To identify and assist those students with special educational needs.
    1. To ensure that every student is given full opportunity to develop his/her potential without regard to race, creed, color, sex, or sexual orientation.
    1. To cooperate with civic planners in attracting new industry into the community by assisting in the development of a quality work force.
    1. To continuously seek, with the guidance of an active advisory board, new areas of training required for community and industrial information.
    1. To explore the programs of community, social, and industrial agencies and to utilize their expertise to supplement existing courses or programs.
    1. To provide supervised cooperative training at the secondary level and externships on the post-secondary level where applicable.
    1. To help the post-secondary student develop technical and occupational skills as well as demonstrate competency in the exercise of these skills.
    1. To offer a program of physical education, which will provide for participation by all students and allow for competition on an intramural as well as an interscholastic basis.
    1. To develop an extra-curricular program that will offer students the opportunity to increase their social responsibilities and to enjoy and outlet for the particular interests.
    1. To provide continuing adult education for those men and woman who desire a program of occupational training or retraining necessary to develop or improve their skill and proficiency in preparation for or continuance in employment.
    1. To encourage constant observance of safety practices in all school activities (shop, academic, athletic, and social) by continuously stressing sound safety procedures.
    1. To provide personnel with an opportunity to continually upgrade their abilities through in-service training.
    1. To assist the student to develop self-esteem through positive experience and realistic success.

    SOURCE:  Greater Fall River