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    I. The legal basis of the Regional School District is twofold:

    A. The General Laws of the Commonwealth which relate to the formulation of school districts (General Laws, Chapter 71, Sections 14, 14A, 14B, 14C and 15.)

    B. The legal agreement drawn up and approved by the municipalities which participated in the formation of and subsequently became members of the regional school district.  See Exhibit I, District Agreement, Ch.697 of the Acts of 1962.

    II. Members of the Greater Fall River Vocational School District Committee shall have authority only when acting as a Committee legally in session.  The Regional School District Committee shall not be bound in any way by any statement or action on the part of an individual member except when such statement or action is in pursuance of specific instruction of the Committee.  The removal or resignation of Committee members shall be in accordance with state law.

    A. Committee members have no authority over school affairs as individuals.  They have complete authority, within state law, over school affairs when they serve as a legal body.

    B. The Committee is in practice primarily a policy-making body.  Although legally authorized to administer policy, the Committee delegates this function to the Superintendent-Director.

    C. Delegating the administrative function makes the Committee responsible for evaluating the effectiveness of the execution of the Committee’s policies. Evaluation by the Committee requires a continuous appraisal of the results of its educational policies as well as the effectiveness of the general administration.