Teacher Extra Help Days - 2021-2022

  • Academic

    Full Name Department Extra Help Day Comments or Concerns
    Trisha Beaudoin English Monday  
    Jenna Borba English Tuesday  
    Deborah Buffington English Tuesday  
    Tracey Collins English
    Monday or Tuesday (depending on the week + faculty meetings)
    Alice Goddard English Tuesday
    Students are told that if Tuesday does not work we can make plans to meet another day.
    William Goncalo English Thursday  
    Rachel Grande English Monday  
    Tarryn Maynard English Thursday  
    Jaime Rebello English Friday Other days as needed
    Amanda Sims English Tuesday  
    Amie Vieira English Monday  
    Jeffrey Wagner English Wednesday  
    Lindsey Wood English Wednesday  
    Justin Charest History Thursday
    any changes in day (due to meeting/after school conflicts) will be announced via Google Classroom.
    Fernando da Silva History
    Thursday or by appointment
    Shane Doyle History Monday subject to change
    Ashley Duffany History Thursday  
    Kyle Francoeur History Monday  
    Michael Furtado History Thursday  
    Thomas Librera History Monday  
    Kevin Mahoney History Monday  
    Paul Rebello History Monday  
    Nicholas Santos History Monday Or by appointment
    Sheila Condon Math Tuesday Or by appointment
    Michelle DaSilva Math Thursday  
    Jennifer Ferrara Math Thursday  
    Erin Gibeau Math Thursday  
    Decio Matos Math See Google Classroom
    Other days may be available by appointment.
    Stacey Matos Math Wednesday*
    *Subject to change due to scheduling conflicts. Date changes will be posted in my "Extra Help Sign-up Sheet".
    Vincente Medeiros Math Wednesday  
    Mario Rodrigues Math Tuesday  
    Erin Smith Math Monday
    by appt; in-person a different day or google meet during co-op.
    Steve Stefanik Math Wednesday
    Wednesday, or as mutually agreed upon by student & instructor
    Wilson Valente Math Thursday  
    rebecca viana Math Wednesday
    if meeting it will be on Tuesday
    Christine DeMelo Physical Education Monday  
    Michael DoCouto Physical Education Monday  
    Catherine Noversa Physical Education Monday  
    Aaron Soares Physical Education Monday  
    Judson Chapman Science Tuesday
    There is a Google Classroom devoted to extra help. Please join if and use the Meet link if you cannot attend in person.
    Jennie Chekares Science Thursday  
    Maureen Cooney Science Thursday or by appointment
    Bob Fitton Science Thursday  
    Gisele Parent Science Monday  
    Adam Pimentel Science Thursday  
    Kimberly Quental-Aguiar Science Monday In Room C102
    Evan Schofield Science Tuesday  
    Morris Slutsky Science Thursday  
    Celeste Torres Science Thursday  
    Stephen Vaitses Science Thursday
    It may have to move later in the year to Tuesdays to avoid conflict with After School Class.
    Luke Bahry Special Education Friday  
    Amy Biddle Special Education Wednesday
    Will change days on the weeks we have department meetings.
    Monica Camara Special Education Tuesday  
    Randi Costa Special Education Wednesday
    Subject to change. Will be announced.
    Mindy Gauthier Special Education Friday
    Any other day by appointment
    Claudia Hawkes Special Education Tuesday
    I will reschedule to accommodate Faculty meeting days
    Stacy Lema Special Education Tuesday  
    Elizabeth McPherson Special Education Tuesday Or by appointment
    Jacqueline Reynolds Special Education Tuesday  
    Sarah Sprague Special Education Thursday  
    Jessica Tavares Special Education Monday
    My day will be moved to Tuesday when a Monday holiday occurs - I have noted this in my syllabus for all subjects.


    Full Name Department Extra Help Day Comments or Concerns
    Derick Estacio AC Wednesday  
    Luis Rebelo AC Weds  
    Kenny Sousa AC Wednesday  
    Michael Young AC Tuesday  
    Neil Arruda AT Friday  
    Steven Cloutier AT Friday  
    Mike Farias AT Friday  
    Steven Moniz AT Friday  
    Michael Berube BP FRIDAY  
    Patrick Bowen BP Friday
    Students can get extra help on any day by appointment.
    Steven Camara BP Friday  
    Heath Chouinard BP Tuesday  
    Floriano Lima BP Friday  
    Andrea Case BU Thursday  
    Makaila Moniz BU Thursday
    This day may have to be changed depending on the Durfee After Dark program schedule.
    Suzanne Raposo BU Thursday  
    Anne-Marie Zenni BU Thursday
    Also available by appointment
    Scott Botelho CA Monday or by appointment
    Meredith Guilbeault-Rose CA Thursdays
    Students know I can accommodate on other days with a 24hr notice.
    Christopher McGovern CA Wednesday  
    Kevin Ouellette CA Thursday  
    Benevides Randy CA Wednesday
    These times and days might change. I have to work around my son and baby sitter
    Jonathan Root CA Tuesday  
    Cathleen Wiley CA Thursday
    Flexible if CA dept. needs
    Kelsey Ainsworth Career Readiness Thursday  
    Rachel Canastra Career Readiness Thursday  
    Matt Almeida CC Wednesday  
    Emanuel Botelho CC Wednesday  
    Jeffrey Cabral CC Wednesday  
    Ronald Silvia CC Tuesday  
    Donald Travers CC Wednesday  
    Michelle Bernier DA Thursday
    This is subject to change depending on my Fall Semester class schedule
    Karen Cirillo DA Thursday  
    Linda Pettine DA Tuesday
    Any other time to be arranged with teacher
    Priscilla Wicks DA Thursday  
    Kathryn Dufour DR Monday  
    Christopher Padula DR Wednesday
    Or another day by appointment
    Christopher Padula DR Wednesday
    I can stay on days other than Wednesday as long as student makes an appointment with me.
    David Paolino DR Monday  
    Mitch Sweet DR Wednesday  
    Peter Chace EL Wednesday  
    John Knox EL Monday  
    Armand Larguinha EL Friday
    any other day that works for the student
    Gaston Levesque EL Thursday  
    John Narcizo EL Friday  
    Paul Beaudoin ET Friday  
    Jamie Manuels ET Wednesday  
    Robert Medeiros ET Wednesday  
    Jonathan Picard ET Friday  
    Bill Berlo GC Thrusday After School
    Jennifer DiBiasio GC Thursdays  
    Michelle Gaudencio GC Monday  
    Raymond Machado GC Tuesday  
    Siobhan Santos GC Tuesday  
    Stephen Alves HA Thursday From 2:30-3:30 PM
    Cynthia Berube HA
    Tuesday or by appointment
    Elizabeth Hyde HA Thursday  
    Lauren Rebello HA Wednesday  
    William Harris HV Monday  
    Wyatt L'Etoile HV Monday None
    Herman Medeiros HV Monday  
    Patrick Merrick HV Monday  
    Gabriel Teixeira HV Monday  
    Jennifer Carter MA Monday  
    Stephanie DosSantos MA Thursday  
    Heather Hughes MA Thursday
    Always available by appointment.
    Vanessa Vasconcellos MA Tuesday
    Arrangements can be made in advance for a different day if students can't stay on Tuesdays.
    Kevin DeSousa MF Monday  
    Paul Nogueira MF Wednesday  
    Marc O'Connor MF Wednesday By Apt. only
    Paul Oliveira MF Monday  
    David Salsinha MF Monday  
    Kurt Chouinard MT Friday By appointment
    Steven Desmarais MT Friday
    This or other days by appointment only.
    Gilbert Rocha MT monday  
    Adam Simcock MT Monday By appointment
    Michael Valerio MT Friday  
    Steve Bradham PL Thursday  
    Derek Carvalho PL Friday  
    Henry Daigle PL Mondays
    All other days for extra help by appointment only.
    Leo Dutra Jr. PL Friday  
    Vincent Karppinen PL Friday  
    Deborah Boscombe PW Tuesday A102
    Ned Charpentier PW Thursday  
    Matthew Pimentel PW Wednesday  
    Shawn Pimentel PW Tuesday