Diman Alumni from 1973

  • Paul Bilodeau (email)
    Graduating Program: 1973 Graphic Arts
    Profile: Currently contracted by Sikorsky Helicopter / Keystone Aircraft as a Technical Writer. Responsible for creating and updating maintenance manuals for military, search and rescue, and coporate helicopters as well as corporate high speed jets.

    John Lavoie (email)

    Hello Diman Class of 73.

    After graduating in 1973 from Food Trades as it was called then, the world was mine. That was short lived and after a change in physical abilities I enrolled in college in 1983. A 2 year degree in Computer Science helped me get into AT&T in the Data Center in Fairhaven in 1985. Moved to the Kansas City Missouri area to keep my employment status alive with AT&T in 1990. 12 years total with AT&T in the IT Mainframe environment specializing in the Production Control / Abend Analysis. Union Seniority rights made my next move easy.

    While staying in the Kansas City area I transferred to Sprint Communications. 3 more years in Abend Analysis on the Mainframe and then a move to Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Planning for the next 7 years, currently at the Sprint/Nextel campus located in Overland Park Kansas.

    On the personal side, I married my sweetheart in 1975. We have three children, My daughter enjoys her career as a New York City Fashion Model. Two sons, who are employed in the Washington DC area in IT Mid-Range/Open Systems Computing.One is a Computer Programmer and the other a Database Administrator. That’s about all there is.

    I went back to Diman in May 07 and had the great fortune to dine in the Tearoom with a couple of past alumni also from the class of 73, Billy Kinnane and Gary Denardo.

    Good food, good friends make the best memories.