Diman Alumni from 1974

  • Robert Amaral (email)
    Graduating Program: Metal Fab and Welding
    Profile: I graduated from Metal Fab in 1974. I was in the co-op program and was hired as a apprentice welder at Gladding-Hearn Shipbuilding in Somerset my senior year. I’m still there now manger in charge of production.

    Gerald (Gerry) Card

    After graduating from Diman in 1974 I worked a short time in my field (Graphic Arts) at Saltus press in Worcester Mass. I then proceeded to go down another path and went into the U.S Army where I became a Cryptographic Repairman. After a short stint in the Military I became a civilian again and worked various jobs along with being security at the Worcester Centrum (DCU Center ) now for various bands and the lost. I am currently employed by the U.S Postal Service for the last 19 years and currently Supervisor of maintenance Operations at the Boston GMF.

    In 1995 I went back and looked up my High School Days Sweetheart and found that she was still single. We got married and have five beautiful children together, Mike 31, Kris 19, Taylore 13, Brandi 12, and my Spencer who is going to be 8 in July. Me and My wife are both members of the Worcester Lodge of Elks 243 and enjoy every of this time.  I am impressed at the status, professionalism and the strides Diman has taken over the years.

    Recently I went to visit the old place and was impressed with the appearance of my old Alma Mater. I was equally impressed with the inside appearance of the cafeteria and the Tea Room. I recall walking those same halls with the like of Mr. Remiesiewicz and Mr. Harrington at the helm.How often time Mr. R would stand outside the Cafeteria doors with a big grin on his face outspread arms and halt all whom were running to get first in line to the meals. Funny how remember those time and how fast those days do go bye. I miss the Days of running track and seeing the guys like Roger DuPont and the other members of the Track team myself including meeting at various events. The stories are to be told and remembered. Well I could go on for while but hey times getting bye.

    Just a note to the Students from a former student, Learn what you can while in Diman. Hold onto the moments that are yours to be taken. Be serious at your school work but put as much effort into the days of your High School Days. For one day you will sit back and remember oh how great they were and then maybe some will realize unfortunately you let them pass with little on no enjoyment in them. For the ages it has been said the High School days are the Best years of your life as a youth behold them for they are. grasp your friends hold onto the dreams but most of all don,to let them slip through your hands like sands of the beach for they will slip away fast enough.

    Roger Dupont

    In 1974 he graduated from Diman with a full athletic track scholarship to Northeastern University. His track team achievements at Diman included most points in a season, placing two years in the shot put at the New England Track meet, most outstanding track athlete award, senior year selected team captain and undefeated in dual meets, and the team won two consecutive SE Conference Titles. His senior year he received the school's outstanding athlete award. At Northeastern in the shot put he won a number of titles at major competitions including the Greater Boston, New England and All East track meets. Since graduating with a college degree in criminal justice, he has worked as a Federal Immigration Agent.

    Roger Dupont

    Thomas Estrella

    After graduation I worked at Foxboro industries as a tool and die setup man on the third shift. The fact that I was awful at the job led to my search for another way to make a living! I ended up attending Providence College Graduating with a B.A in Psychology in 1978. I then attended St. Bonaventure University in NY receiving an M.A in experimental psychology in 1980. I went to Canada to work on a Ph.D in experimental psychology in 1981.I have been a psychology professor for the past 16 years at a small, Catholic 4 year college in Northwest Ohio. I have also been the chairman of the psychology department for the past 12 years. My area of expertise is neurophysiology. I still have many of the projects that I completed while a student at Diman and have fond memories of those years!

    Kenneth Raposa

    After graduation I continued working at the Dennis Machine Company in Bristol, RI. I realized that, was not for me. I went on to various other things for a while. During all of which, I remained very active in The Little Theater of Fall River and in 1977 I founded The Peoples Theater of Fall River. I remained as President/Director of the organization until 1984. In 1985 I left Fall River and moved to Boston. I currently work in the insurance industry in the Underwriting field. While math may not have been one of my best grades, I now work very well with numbers and details. I now live in Everett, MA, own my own Condo and have also done the President and Treasurer thing, on the Board of Trustees. It was great to see two people from my class, on this site, that I knew so well.

    PS: This got me looking at the year book! Oh my God !!!!!