Diman Alumni from 1982

  • Elizabeth Richard (email)
    Elizabeth Richard

    I was marching to Uncle Sam's tune (Air Force) five days after graduation from Diman. I became an avionics mechanic on the F106 Fighter aircraft and was stationed throughout the US.

    Now I'm working at Boeing (formally McDonnell Douglas), teaching people how to build jet aircraft and how to troubleshoot electrical/avionics problems. I've been at Boeing for almost 17 years. Guess my electronics training came in handy!

    I'm living in southern California - just "shaking and baking". :-)

    I earned a BS degree in Workforce, Education and Development in 1995, and my MBA in 2000. Yeah!

    I've been white-water rafting, sky diving, and such. I enjoy the outdoors, sports (... go Patriots), traveling, and spending quality time with family and friends.

     Elizabeth Richard