• Steven Barreira (email)

    Profile: After graduation I moved to Jacksonville Florida and graduated from the police academy. I also attended a local college and obtained a degree in criminal justice. Other then what I had completed in school I never really worked in the trades. I'm currently a Sergeant working for the Jacksonville Police, and have been with the department for roughly 11 years. I've been married for the last ten years, and have three daughters. Most of my family still resides in the Fall River area, and I visit on occasion. I look back on Diman with fond memories, and think it would be great to hear from my fellow classmates.

    Christopher Hague

    Profile: Class of 1990, 10 years is a long time. So here's a little history. I started out working in my trade, carpentry, and realized that I was board with it. Didn't take long. So I went back to school to get my degree in Accounting. Did that for a few years. Really boring... I'm current a Network Engineer with Shaw's Supermarkets out of Brockton. I reside in Freetown with my wife Elda of 3 years. No kids as of yet.

    Amy Konen (Ainsworth)

    Profile: My name is now Amy Konen, and have been married for six years. I have two adorable children, Jennifer age 6 and John age 4. After leaving the U.S. Airforce, I went back to my old co-op job at Gemco Electric Co. in Fall River. After working there another two years I took a job at Wakefield Engineering in Fall River. I am now a department lead. I am always on-line, so if any one would like to chat just e-mail me or look me up in ICQ.

    Kathy Lytle (Crennan)

    Profile: After graduation, I went to college and then shortly after that I met my husband. We have two beautiful little girls (Kaleigh 8 and Gillian 3). We moved south to Delaware for a few years and then decided to move just minutes away to Maryland where we built a house in 1995. We are now (as of July 2003) building another house in Delaware, so we'll be going back there in about six months. I work for a large law firm as a Litigation Legal Assistant. I enjoy my job but would much rather be home with my girls. I look forward to hearing from my former classmates so please send me an email anytime.

    Lynn Podesta (Raposa)

    Profile: Married in 1993 to Dan Podesta, Chief in the US Navy. We have two beautiful children, a daughter born in 3/96 and a son born in 9/99. Formally stationed in New Jersey and Virginia, we are now living in Mass. I'm currently working part-time as a nurse aide and plan to return to school - something in the medical field - the year my son starts school. My husband will be retiring from the Navy that same year. We plan to live in the area after his retirement.

    Aaron Rocha

    Profile: I still live in Fall River been married now divorced. I work at Quaker fabrics here in Fall Fiver and just take one day at a time. If any of my old friends remember me feel free to email.

    Susan Silva (Costa)

    Since graduating I've gotten married to John Silvia (class of"88").We had our first child, a boy, in August 1999.I'm currently a stay at home mom, although when I was working I did manage to stay in the culinary field.

    \Jim Soares
    Graduating Program: Metal fab
    Profile: Work for U.P.S, where I am a driver in Stoughton, MA. Married to Julie (Audette). We live in Freetown with our 3 children.
    Profile submitted on 5/12/13

    Sandra Soares

    Profile: Graduated from Diman class of 1990. Married ten years to Rick Soares from class of 1988. We have three beautiful children 10,8,2. Living in Ma.

    Shawn Souza

    Profile: Since graduation, I joined the US Navy. I enlisted as a Missile Technician and was stationed in Bangor, Washington (that's right, the state of Washington). I served aboard the USS Henry M. Jackson, a Trident Submarine for 4 years, then I did a shore-tour as an Instructor for 3 years. While on my shore duty I also completed my Bachelor's of Science. After my shore tour was up I went back to another Trident Submarine, the USS Georgia (also in Bangor, Washington). While aboard the mighty Georgia I submitted my package for Officer Candidate School. I was selected and attended OCS in the summer of 2000 (exactly 10 years after going to Boot Camp in Great Lakes). I am now a Lieutanant Junior Grade Officer aboard the USS Shoup, an Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer (DDG 86). I am once again stationed out in Washington State, although this time I am at Naval Station Everett. I am happily married, and have been for 12 years now. I have an 11 year old son, a 8 month old son, and another child soon to be on the way sometime in late August. As you can probably tell, I enjoy being in the Navy, there isn't anything I would rather do or that would make me feel prouder than to serve my country. I would love to keep in touch with old friends from Fall River. My parents still live there. I have made multiple trips back home however, they are usually short and I have not had a chance to meet up with anyone from my graduating class.