Diman Alumni from 1993

  • Rachel Weeks (Charles)
    My name is now Rachel Weeks I've been married for 5 years, I have 3 kids 2 girls and a boy Marisa is 4 Stephanie is 2 and Cody is 3 months. I'm still in school hopefully in two years I will be done I am now studying computer info. systems and I also have my certificate in hotel restaurant management. I also moved out of Fall River and now living in N.E. PA in a city called Pittston.

    Theresa Johnson (Dupras)
    I graduated in 1993 from Health Careers. I went to BCC for a year and a half, but dropped out. I majored in Office Technologies. I have moved out of nursing and into banking and absolutely love it. I have been trying to follow my dream of traveling, been to many places, a lot more to go. I married a wonderful man Mike on August 12, 2006 and gained a beautiful step-daughter who is soon to be 14. I am now living in New Jersey with my family and I am currently working a full time job at Citizens Bank in Plymouth Meeting, PA. and I love it. My husband and I just started our own Candle business. I am now attending college again for my Associates Degree in Accounting but wish to transfer schools to pursue Banking/Finance. I look forward for the rewards in the years to come. I would love to hear from former classmates. Waiting to hear from someone soon. Take Care.
    Keith Gouveia (email)

    I am currently living in Ocoee, FL and I am engaged to a beautiful woman who has shown me what it means to be in love. I am currently working with a company that manufactures tools which are utilized by the military, NASA, and aircrafts. I have written four books (horror of course) and my first one is being published and will be available in July. I just wanted to take the time to say hello to all my classmates and I hope you are enjoying life to it's fullest. Cover of my first published book is below.

    Book cover

    Peter Hague (email)
    Currently living in Fox Island, WA since 1993. I spent 8 years in the Naval Reserve. I have a wonderful 10yo daughter Lily, and have been married to my beautiful wife Danielle for 16 years now! Yep...got married in 1994! I'm currently a sales engineer for a manufactures representative in Seattle specializing in wet side HVAC products. The Seattle area has treated us well. We hope to move to somewhere warm soon! Go SOX, PATS!

    Rebecca A. Kipp (email)
    Graduating Program: Health Careers
    Profile: Hmmm? I graduated from health careers in 1993 as a C.N.A., and E.M.T.. I went to school 2-3 nights a week at night for 8 months, so when I graduated school I would have both things under my belt. I stayed a C.N.A. and became a Pharmacy Tech. after deciding I no longer wanted to do 1 on 1 patient care. After becoming a Pharm Tech, I went into the U.S.M.C. When I came out, I became a tattoo artist, met my ex-husband and after working hard for my whole life, I had to walk away from that part of my life. Moved around a bit more. Met my current husband online knew him for nearly 8 yrs. We became friends, then best friends, then and now husband and wife. I've worn many,many more hats. But my main thing is being happy working with handicapped kids and living life. Quiet, free and happy. I give INK get INK, and I'm happily getting a lot more INK! So when you see a woman covered in tattoos it might be me?