Diman Alumni from 1996

  • John Kaleski III (email)

    After high school I worked a little in the Culinary Arts field before joining the military in July of 1998. I am currently a Sergeant in the US Army stationed in Washington D.C. My unit is the 3d US Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard). I'm awaiting reassignment to 10th Mountain Division at Fort Drum New York, should be leaving here in September.

    Andrew Mazzarella (emailhomepage)

    Out of Diman I signed on with AT&T when they opened a new site in Fairhaven, MA. I started January of 1997. Being out of Electronics and liking the field, I was hoping to get into network administration or network technician. Unfortunately it took me four years to realized this place had nothing to offer. Although, during my time there, I managed to join a band. I quit the band a moved on to get married to my high school love, Melissa Pacheco - August 31st, 1997. In October of 1999, just one month after posting my resume online, a company called National Qualitative Centers (http://nqc-focus.com) out of Boston calls me for an assistant managers position. When I interviewed I realized this is my dream job. This job combined the two fields I love - Psychology and Technology! I now help run the company and manage our client's market research needs, as well ensuring our technology current. Oh yes, I have one child. Caden - two years old, and Noah - due June 20th, 2001.

    I now plan on going back to school some time in 2002-2003 to major in market research and minor in computer science (more in the realm of the Internet).

    As far as a picture - well this one is from the summer of 2000.

    (My wife Melissa and I in the Cape)
    Andrew and wife Melissa

    Stephanie White (Sams) (email)
    Graduating Program: Culinary Arts
    Profile: I have 2 gorgeous sons. I have been working in the mental health field for several years as a CNA/PCA, and I am looking to go back to school to get my RN.
    Profile submitted on 1/13/13