Diman Alumni from 2006

  • Rebecca "Hope" Simmons (email)
    Dear Diman Faculty, Staff, and Alumni,

    My name is Rebecca Simmons. Most of you know me by Hope. I graduated from Diman in 2006 from the Dental Assisting shop. My four years at Diman were okay. I was in the Key Club, Diversity Club, Drama Club (formerly lead by Ms. Rebello), and Tech Prep. I attended Bristol Community College following graduation from 2006 to 2009. I maintained a 3.10 GPA while I was there. My major was Early Childhood Education, as you can see I didn't continue my education of Dental Assisting. I recently transferred to Columbus State University in Columbus, GA. I was born in Columbus and wanted to start over here. I have a 3.05 overall GPA. I am now studying for a Bachelor's in Special Education. I am a volunteer for the area Girl Scout counsel and a Brownie (Gr. 2,3) girl scout leader. I have an assistant. I also work for a local church volunteering. I work with girls and boys between the ages of 3 to 7. On Wednesday nights, I work with girls ages 6 and 7 (Gr. 1,2). We do projects and read stories based on the bible. On Sunday mornings, every three months, I work in the preschool-aged Children Church. My family has grown since graduation. I have three new sisters from my mother's side whom she adopted. I have one younger biological sister. I still have trouble in English and Math. I am getting help in college for these troubles. One of my greatest achievements this year is that I got my license finally. Another is that my cardiologist (most of you know my health problems) said that I probably will not need a heart surgery for at least 5 to 10 years. I was borderline in October for needing an open heart surgery procedure called Aortic Replacement surgery. My grandmother calls that an accomplishment.

    I just want to thank all my teachers for all there work with me. First, I want to thank Mrs. Dejesus, my English teacher for all four years, she has been a role model of mine. She is the one who inspired me to go into Special Education degree program. Second, I want to thank my Dental Assisting teachers, Mrs. Torres and Ms. Pettine, I know I had many emotional problems in shop class. I didn't know the difference what criticism really was. I still have trouble. You helped me out tremendously with my work in shop. I knew that any kind of health profession shop would be a lot of hard work but I was willing to learn. Lastly, I want to thank the guidance counselors. Thank you also for putting up with me. I had a lot of emotional issues but didn't know how to deal with them. Mrs. Mancini, thank you for your encouragement and understanding. Mrs. Sundby, I also want to thank you. For the same thing of encouragement and understanding.

    I just want to thank everyone else whom I didn't write in this letter. I know my life is hectic and know I had a bumpy road. It all started in the fifth grade when my special education teacher said I would never make it in the Massachusetts school system. She is from Massachusetts and was living in Georgia with her retired Army husband. I want to go up to say to her now that I had wonderful teachers and staff that supported me and that I graduated. I was always told (by health means) I would never reach adulthood. Thank you for all you have done for me in the four years I attended Diman. I miss everyone there and hope everyone has a very happy holiday and Happy New Year.

    Rebecca "Hope" Simmons