Diman Alumni from 2007

  • Kristina Marchand (email)

    Hello everyone,

    This is Kristina Marchand. I just recently graduated from Diman in June of 2007. I was in the Metal Fabrication and Welding Shop. I am now in College at Bristol Community College taking up Elementary Education. I have always loved to be around kids and help with them since Elementary school myself. I liked Metal Fab, it was my first choice and was difficult for me but I got through it.

    After Bristol Community College I plan on going to Bridgewater State College to finish up to my Master's Degree hopefully. Then after that into the world with the people I love to be around.

    I miss Diman so very much and wish I was still there. If I could I would turn time back but we all know that we can't do that. I loved the teachers I had.

    I would like to give thanks to Mr. Ramos, Mr. Bentley, Mr. Librera (even though we had our other sides), Mr. Aubin for always being polite in the halls to say Hi.

    Mrs. Silveira for helping me at times when I needed it and with getting situated. Also to Suzanne for some of the things we did in the year with the Leadership training's and the things we went over for the Mayor's Youth Forum, etc.

    Both Mrs. Torres, one being my Science teacher back to my Sophomore Year and the other with being helpful when it came to Graduation and Year Books. Also to my Junior Year Biology teacher, Mr. Kertyzak (Even though we didn't have a whole year together, I'm glad your much well now). And to Mrs. Souza, my Senior year Biology teacher. I liked very much how we did class.

    Mr. Fernandes, Mrs. Ferreira (with letting me join the International Club even though it was late in the year), Mrs. Mancini, Mrs. Hill with helping me get all the paper work I needed for Scholarships, and all the rest of you in PPS.

    A wonderful thanks out to Mrs. Mendes for everything and how she taught her class as well as Mr. Guimond (you helped me a great deal as well with everything) and Mrs. Jonsson, my Spotlight Adviser (the same to you. You understood me well and helped.) And to my Key Club Adviser, I didn't have her as a teacher but she was another that helped me very much, Mrs. DeJesus. To Mr. Cabucio, another that I didn't have as a teacher but was always friendly and kind to me as well as helpworthly.

    Mrs. Klamkin for getting me through things and helping me along knowing Math was never my best.

    And to my Shop instructors, Mr. Nogueira (you were great in the classroom it being you first year with us), Mr. Carreiro (I send my wishes and hope you get well soon. Also for helping me get through the welding), Mr. Salsinha (also for helping me go along with the welding and get projects done) and Mr. Vick (I was never that good in Sheet Metal was I?!.).

    Finally out to the Lunch ladies for getting my SALADS through and ordered and the saving of my Breakfast. To Sal, you were very nice and was a good person to talk to and always asked how I was doing.

    And lastly to Officer Riley, a lot happened and went on but you helped me with it all as best as you could and know some of us talk again! You were also very nice and a great person to talk to.

    Kristina Marchand