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Mr. Wagner

I have been teaching English at Diman since 2003. I currently teach Grades 11 and 12, as well as Grade 9 ELA Enrichment. I'm also a freelance writer and a college adjunct professor for Bristol Community College through which I also teach dual-enrollment courses. 

I'm a father of three children and I enjoy sports, films, and coaching my kids' sports team. 


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Contact number: 508-678-2891 ex. 3201 

Google Classroom Codes

  • Teacher Class Number Code
    Jeffrey Wagner Grade 10 A2 English 3002-09 2ckk2su
    Jeffrey Wagner English Grade 11b2 3002-10 eyqb4wk
    Jeffrey Wagner Grade 10 English B2 3002-10 eyqb4wk
    Jeffrey Wagner Grade 10 English A1 3002-11 rcgh6as
    Jeffrey Wagner Grade 10 English B1 3002-12 d2llsim
    Jeffrey Wagner Grade 11 English A1 3003-03 eoasci6
    Jeffrey Wagner Grade 11B1 English 3003-04 slzpled
    Jeffrey Wagner Grade 11A2 English 3003-09 55csbzk
    Last updated - 10/5/23