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Mrs. Goddard

I have been an English Language Arts teacher at Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School for 17 years.  I have a Bachelors degree in Literature with minors in psychology and sociology.  I also have a Masters degree in Teaching.  While working on my degrees, I student taught at many of our local high schools.  I always wanted to teach at Diman.  I believe strongly in the vocational high school model, and having roots in Fall River, Diman was my goal.  I enjoy teaching tremendously.  I work hard at creating a safe and happy environment for my students to learn, to be successful, and to grow.  In addition to teaching here at Diman I am also one of the Senior Class Advisors.  I run the Senior Class Committee along with my co-advisor Ms. Wood.  The committee makes decisions about senior activities, senior gifts, prom, and graduation.  I am involved in the school.  I am here for my students.  And I love teaching.  All of these things help me connect to my students, which I believe is key to their success.  

Google Classroom Codes

  • Teacher Class Number Code
    Alice Goddard Grade 10 3002-07 srmvmoz
    Alice Goddard Gr 10 3002-08 tcr4dd4
    Alice Goddard Gr 12 British Literature 3004-07 3yo4af4
    Alice Goddard Gr 12 British Literature 3004-08 h5x2fit
    Alice Goddard Gr 12 British Literature 3004-11 weeiiae
    Alice Goddard Grade 12 British Literature 3004-12 7cgraf
    Alice Goddard Grade 10 Honors 3202-03 6hj3dzs
    Alice Goddard Gr 10 Honors 3202-04 4k52e5x
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