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  • Financial Aid for the Diman Regional Technical Institute School of Practical Nursing Program

    Financial Aid Available
    Mission Statement

    The mission of Diman Regional Technical Institute, School of Practical Nursing, is to develop the unique potential of each learner by enabling students to acquire knowledge skill and dispositions that are needed to achieve the theoretical and technical skill needed to function as an entry level Licensed Practical Nurse.
    Financial Aid is available to students who complete the Free Application for Financial Student Assistance (FAFSA), and submit a copy to the school, via either electronic or paper copy, which has Diman Regional federal ID 005519 listed.

    The types of aid available to eligible students are:
    • Federal Pell Grant
    • Federal Direct Loans
    • Mass. State Grant
    • RI.  State Grant
    • Parent Plus Loans
    • The LPN program is a VA approved GI Bill® program.
    In the 2013-14 academic year approximately 92% of enrolled students in the Full Time Program received federal or state aid.
    Process leading to an Award Letter
    The Academic Office will notify the Financial Aid Office of all students that have been accepted to the school.   Accepted students who have filed a FAFSA will be reviewed.  Upon review, a letter requesting any needed additional information will be sent to the student.

    After all necessary documents have been reviewed and conflicts and corrections processed with the Central Processing Service of the Department of Education an Award Letter will be sent to the student.

    Award Letters will list any Pell Grant, Direct Loans and state grant that the student will receive.  Number of loan and grant disbursements for the year will be listed on the letter.  The 1st disbursement of financial aid will be 30 days after the 1st date of attendance and the 2nd disbursement will be at the 451 hour point.  Factors the effect the second disbursement date include enrolled program, transfer credits and SAP.

    Students must return the Award Letter signed and dated before the grants and loans will be originated.

    A signed copy of the Award Letter will be kept in the student’s file.

    Verification of Student Eligibility

    All students, who are accepted into Diman Regional Vocational Technical Institute, are entering into an eligible program (Licensed Practical Nurse) at an eligible institution.  Students must have a high school diploma or equivalent in order to be accepted.  Prior to a student receiving an Award Letter, the student’s Institutional Student Information Record (ISIR) will be reviewed.  When reviewing a student’s ISIR the following items will be checked.   If any flags are present, action by the student and/or school will be taken to ensure eligibility.
    • Name
    • Social Security #
    • Citizenship
    • Financial Aid History
    • Financial Need
    • Drug Related Offense
    • Selective Service Match 
    When a student has been selected for Verification by Central Processing System (CPS), depending upon the Verification Tracking Flag issued, the following items require verification:
    • Adjusted Gross Income
    • US Income Tax paid
    • Untaxed potions of IRA distributions
    • Untaxed portions of Pensions
    • IRA deductions and payments
    • Tax Exempt Interest Income
    • Education Credits
    If the IRS Data Retrieval Tool has been used and a match provided on the ISIR, the above items do not require additional verification.  An official IRS Return Transcript will be requested if a match is not provided on the ISIR.
    • # in Household
    • # in College
    • SNAP benefits – if receipt indicated on ISIR
    • Child support paid – if amount indicated on ISIR
    • High School completion status
    • Identity/Statement of Educational Purpose
    Resolve any conflicting dataOnce initial eligibility is confirmed, a student must meet Satisfactory Academic  Progress( SAP) guidelines as published in the Student Guidelines and maintained on the LPN website.

    Prior to the end of the payment period, the Director informs the Financial Aid Office of any student who is not making SAP. 

    Financial Aid Links

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