2021-2022 School Improvement Plan

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    Recover Strong
    Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School 2021 – 2022 School Improvement Plan

    Greater Fall River Vocational School District School Committee

    Paul Jennings - Westport

    Chairperson Jeffrey Begin - Swansea

    Donald DiBiasio - Somerset

    Rajiv Nehra - Fall River

    Joan Menard - Fall River Father

    Jay Mello - Fall River

    Superintendent-Director Dr. Elvio Ferreira 

    Assistant Superintendent-Principal Andrew D. Rebello

    The Diman Regional 2021 – 2022 School Improvement Plan acknowledges the impact of COVID-19 on student learning while focusing on recovery and learning acceleration for our entire school community. Our Plan also builds upon the significant progress and momentum our school has achieved over the past year.

    Informed by the input obtained from our many stakeholders, including students, employees, parents, and the community, and the effort of the School Improvement Committee, this Plan will guide the work of our school. Diman will continue to strive for organizational excellence and, in turn, continue to provide the world-class education and opportunities that our students deserve.

    The COVID-era of education has disrupted student learning and education systems across the nation. Understanding the effects of hybrid and remote learning on student progress, this year's School Improvement Plan aggressively targets the most pertinent student, family, and staff need.

    Without systematic and deliberate planning, our students will not progress at the rate our community has come to expect from Diman. Our life-ready focus, our educational standard of excellence, and obligation to provide the next generation of the workforce for this community will not waver due to the effects of COVID-19.

    This living document may be modified over the next year in response to the needs of our students, state mandates, and other factors that pivot the course of our educational landscape. While aspects of our Plan may change, our focus on providing students with academic, vocational, and socio-emotional growth will not. Diman remains committed to being the school system our community, state, and nation need us to be - an institution that produces life-ready graduates ready to shape the future and the world positively.

    Andrew Rebello Signature

    Andrew D. Rebello
    Assistant Superintendent-Principal

    2020 – 2021 Progress and Accomplishments At-a-glance

    • 250+ students at cooperative education placements
    • 97% Daily Attendance Rate
    • Weekly home and wellness visits conducted
    • Vocabulary Bowl State Champions for the 4th consecutive year
    • Successfully and safely navigated COVID-19 and Hybrid Learning
    • Summer opportunities for academic acceleration created
    • Vocational Learning Loss after school and Saturday programs
    • Summer opportunities for academic acceleration created

    Accomplishments at a glance (text above this in the document)

    “Given the unforeseen circumstances for everybody involved, I think Diman was definitely one of the best in the city (probably the state or country) to come up with and execute a great strategic and structured plan, to keep students safe, yet actively involved, keep parents at ease, and the teachers have been phenomenal.”

    - Diman Parent

    Overview of the 2021 – 2022 School Improvement Planning Process

    Each year, Diman develops a School Improvement Plan to define its overall strategy and goals to achieve growth, close gaps, and improve the overall quality of education students experience. To accomplish this, a Committee is initiated to guide the school in critical decision-making that will ultimately affect students, employees, and the community. This Committee, comprised of students, parents, educators, administrators, and community members, assesses the current state of the school’s progress and identifies areas of improvement. In conjunction with the Committee’s meetings and planning were our stakeholder outreach and partnership in developing our plan. We are proud to report that over 700 students, parents, educators, and community member’s participated in our survey.

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    Question 1

    Question 2

    “I wish I could have chosen all of the above answers. I have 3 children who are school aged (Elementary, High School and College) and I can honestly say the transitions since this pandemic has started have been very smooth with Diman. It made me feel confident that my daughter would still succeed and have the support and tools she needed during such an unsure, scary and very important time. I knew I would always know exactly what was going on as far as reopening steps, illnesses in the school, and the precautions that were in place. It made a very scary and stressful time a lot less scary and stressful for us. It always felt like Diman was one step ahead of the rest which was also great. It's a great feeling to know our children are cared for and to know all of the needed precautions to keep them safe were/are thought about and put into action so quickly and efficiently.”

    - Diman Parent

    “Diman has gone above and beyond to keep students on track, safe, and feel included.”

    - Diman Student

    “Communication has been thorough. The extra things done for staff to show appreciation and to boost morale during a difficult year means a lot.”

    - Diman Staff

    Question 4

    Question 3(?)

    “Communication was amazing! With so many changes and uncertainty, the school communicated promptly and clearly with students and parents.”

    - Diman Parent

    Goal 1: Informed, Engaged, & Empowered Stakeholders

    We firmly believe the continuous growth of Diman students can only be accomplished by continuing to inform and grow stakeholders within our community. As such, our school continuously seeks to develop new ways to engage students and families within our sending districts and empower them with the information and resources they need to support their decision of secondary education effectively.

    Goal One: Improve program knowledge of special populations in sending communities and strengthen knowledge of Diman offerings for all middle school students.


    Objective: Diman will increase enrollment and application numbers of English Language Learners (ELL) by 1% due to increased knowledge of programs and the school.

    Action Strategies

    Intended Outcomes


    Person/People Responsible


    Create ELL nights with translators and develop quarterly ELL newsletter.


    Reach parents of identified sub-groups to increase communication regarding application process and programs available resulting in a 1% increase in enrollment.



    Principal, Administrators, Students, Guidance, ELL instructor

    Time, event set-up, volunteers, resources for distribution

    Work with sending districts to acquire student information in grade 6.

    Parents and students will better understand the admissions criteria leading to increased applications and better application scores.

    Fall 2021

    Superintendent, Principal,  Guidance Director, Sending communities

    Time, sending district contact information

    “Diman took the challenge of COVID head-on and made sure all students had the resources needed to succeed. They did everything possible to further our education even if we were not in the building”

    - Diman Student

    Goal 2: Effective & Sustainable Communication and Operational Strategies

    Without effective communication and established operational systems, stakeholder knowledge and trust are in jeopardy. Furthermore, student and family partnerships guide the school system in critical decision-making which ultimately impact students, employees, and the community at large. We are charged with the responsibility meeting the needs of our diverse community and providing the highest quality education to prepare our students for life-long success. Our students, parents, employees, and community members are an integral part of what guides our work and, in turn, our success. 

    Goal Two: Strengthen communication strategies and initiatives across the Diman Community. Boost opportunities for student voice and input. 

    Objective: Through improved website functionality and student voice opportunities, effective communication will improve by 5% on our annual year-end School Improvement Survey.

    Action Strategies

    Intended Outcomes


    Person/People Responsible


    Re-organize website.

    This action would allow for a more user friendly presentation and provide easy navigation for users.  Data from this school year will show growth in website functionality.

    Fall 2021

    Principal, Technology Director, Parent Liaison and Webmaster


    Bolster student voice through revamping student government, student representative for School Committee meetings, one-on-one meetings with the Principal, annual surveys, etc.

    Student surveys and baseline data from this school year will show growth in the area of student voice and input.

    AY 2022

    Principal, Student Government Advisor, Assistant Principals

    Time, events, and planning sessions

    Goal 3: Highly Effective Teaching, Learning, & Supportive Environments

    The COVID-era of education has disrupted student learning and student growth. To combat the effects of COVID19, teacher effectiveness and social-emotional supports must be high quality. Furthermore, if students do not feel safe, learning will not occur. This goal targets highly effective teaching practices and student, family and staff social-emotional supports and growth. 

    Goal Three: Strategically combat the social-emotional, mental health, and academic/vocational learning effects of the COVID-19 era of education.

    Objective: Diman will strengthen and enhance social-emotional learning initiatives resulting in a 2% increase across all student data points on the end-of-year Panorama survey and a 5% increase to the year-end School Improvement Survey (question: support services to meet physical, social and emotional needs). Through learning initiatives, 95% of students will achieve levels allowing for promotion.

    Action Strategies

    Intended Outcomes


    Person/People Responsible


    Develop a diagnostic to assess learning loss and implement common planning time for educators to implement remediation and acceleration strategies.

    Through common planning time, educators will improve their professional practice and collaborate to effectively deliver curriculum and combat learning loss. Pre-test vs. post-test data will show academic and vocational recovery for students.

    AY 2021

    Principal,  Administration, Academic and Vocational Educators

    Time and money for printing or mailing (if necessary).

    Provide SEL-related student, staff, and parent presentations on relevant topics, including mental health, stress management, coping, and self-care.

    Strengthen student/family/staff SEL knowledge, competency, and skills. Data in the aforementioned targeted areas will show improvement for all sub-groups.


    AY 2021

    Principal, Administration, Parent Liaison, SEL Committee

    Time, dates, locations, presenters

    Develop and implement a Parent Academy.

    Parents and guardians will be empowered through digital content, forums, workshops, and other initiatives to learn about pertinent topics to make  them a partner in their child’s education.

    AY 2021

    Principal, Administration, Parent Liaison, Webmaster

    Time, resources, locations, presenters

    Develop support systems to address academic, vocational, and social-emotionally at-risk students.

    Through targeted early-warning systems, proper supports will be delivered to at-risk students needing assistance.   Data in the aforementioned targeted areas will show improvement for all sub-groups.

    AY 2021

    Principal, Administration, Guidance Counselors, Teachers


    “Teachers rose to the challenge and to the needs of students with outstanding effort to mitigate the changing environment and provide a high quality education regardless of the changing regulations and guidance.”

    - Diman Parent

    “Diman has done their very best to keep school feeling like school, even in our own houses. The work was almost like how it is if we were in school.”

    - Diman Student

    “Communication was impressive and top-notch. It was greatly appreciated.”

    - Diman Educator

    “Diman has done well, making sure that students are doing well mentally and physically by continually reaching out to them.”

    - Diman Student

    Goal 4: Technology as a Learning Tool

    Using technology can promote student learning and access to learning 24/7. However, technology itself does not drive student learning; the content, the support, and the ability to navigate systems does. We hope to not only provide technology but the support, training, and high quality curriculum that drives student learning. 

    Goal Four: Address access to technology and development opportunities for Diman students, families, and staff.

    Objective: Diman will increase technological access to students resulting in a nearly 1 to 1 device to student ratio.

    Action Strategies

    Intended Outcomes


    Person/People Responsible


    Professional development opportunities for staff, students and parents.

    Increased effectiveness in digital learning, assessments, and continuity of technology-driven instruction.

    AY 2021

    District level administration, school level administration, department heads, teachers

    Peer tutorials, presentations, and resources to access.

    One to One Chromebook digital convergence for YOG 2025.

    Digital convergence will allow students from YOG 2025 to have a 1 to 1 Chromebook they can use/purchase during their four-year career at Diman.

    Summer 2021

    Technology staff, district administration, school administration.

    Resources necessary to purchase 400 devices.

    “I personally am impressed with how the staff is activated to help students succeed, particularly those who have disabilities (emotional, educational, etc.).”

    - Diman Parent


    Non-Discrimination Statement

    The Greater Fall River Vocational School District/Diman Regional Vocational-Technical High School prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, sex, age, marital status, national origin, mental or physical disability, political belief or affiliation, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, genetic information and any other class of individuals protected from discrimination under state or federal law in any aspect of the access to, admission, or treatment of students in its programs and activities, or in employment and application for employment. Furthermore, District/School policy includes prohibitions of harassment of students and employees, i.e., racial harassment, sexual harassment, and retaliation for filing complaints of discrimination