Degrees and Certifications:

BA English, Simmons University MSt English Literature, University of Oxford Accelerated Postbaccalaureate Program, Secondary Education, Bridgewater University Licensed ELA Teacher, 8-12, with SEI Endorsement

Mrs. Amie Vieira

English Language Arts Instructor

Mrs. Vieira currently teaches 10th, 11th and 12th grade English courses. In past years, she has also taught 9th grade English courses.

Google Classroom Codes

  • Teacher Class Number Code
    Amie Vieira ELA 10 3002-03 a5fp7ej
    Amie Vieira ELA 10 3002-04 ghwdajs
    Amie Vieira ELA 10 3002-05 ebukz45
    Amie Vieira ELA 10 3002-06 t73ttsj
    Amie Vieira ELA 11 3003-01 6scoi4x
    Amie Vieira ELA 11 3003-02 xswas2u
    Amie Vieira ELA 12 3004-01 dxo7zep
    Amie Vieira ELA 12 3004-02 gk6btly
    Last updated - 10/5/23