SWAY Testing

  • What is SWAY MEDICAL?

    Sway measures thoracic postural sway using the built-in motion sensors of any iOS device to estimate balance. Upon completion of the test, a Sway score is displayed on the athlete's profile based on a 100-point scale. A perfect Sway score is 100, indicating little to no movement occurred during the test trial.

    ImPACT comes in two forms:

    1. Baseline Test – The establishment of an individualized baseline is important to provide the most accurate benchmark for each athlete.  With the Sway Balance system, setting up a balance baseline has never been easier. Recommendations from the 3rd International Consensus Statement on Concussion(1) and the National Athletic Trainer’s Association (NATA), suggest the establishment of a neuropsychological and balance baseline for every player.  Establishing an individualized baseline for each player, with the one-minute Sway test, provides an objective assessment for balance on the sideline and in recovery.  The use of Sway makes return to play decisions much less about judgment and more about quantitative measures.  To establish an effective baseline, athletes should be tested at least three times, with Sway scores falling within an acceptable range of variation.
    2. Post-Injury Test –Post-injury, what does the averaged overall score indicate?

      The averaged overall score is best used in establishing an accurate baseline measurement by averaging the scores from the initial baselines tests. Post-injury, averaging pre and post injury scores does not necessarily generate a score for comparison or measurement. However, each post-injury score provides more detailed information by touching on the specific data point. The graph allows medical professionals to easily track post-injury scores and identify trends within that individual.

    Please check with Miss Stephanie Hart, our Athletic Trainer, to be sure your ImPACT test is up to date (ImPACT tests must be done every two years). You will not be allowed to practice/scrimmage if your SWAY testing has not been completed.

    If you have not been tested, or if your testing is not up to date, you need to pre-register with Mrs. Hart via email - shart@dimanregional.org.