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Vocational Technical High School

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Summer Assignments - 2016

  • English Summer Work

    It is the goal of the English Language Arts deparment to foster an enjoyment of reading in all of our students. We believe it is the pathway to knowledge, curiosity, and higher-order reading, writing, and thinking skills. In keeping with this philosophy, students have been assigned novels that speak to their generation, their goals, feelings, and teenage situations to which they can relate. It is our hope that upon their return to school they will have read a book they enjoy and come in excited to begin the year.

    All students in English Language Arts are required to read at least one book over the summer.

    For incoming freshmen, this book shall be chosen from a list of 4, located in the Freshman tab below. Honors freshmen are required to read two books from this list.

          ***At this moment in time, only the novels "Beyond Magenta" and "The Kidney Hypothetical" are available for pick up at school. If you would like to order your own copy of any of the four, please feel free to do so.


    For sophomores, juniors, and seniors in regular ELA classes, this book shall be chosen from a list of 15, located in the Book List tab below.


    Students are to read the book(s) and complete a project on that book(s) which will be collected on the first day of their academic class. Please see the Project Details tab below for more details and instructions. Students should also prepare for a test on their book when they return to school. This assignment is for all grade levels.

    If you are in A Cycle, your project is due on Wednesday, August 31st.

    If you are in B Cycle, your project is due on Thursday, September 1st.

           *** Freshmen were mailed a project assignment sheet at the beginning of the summer, along with their book list. This project sheet varies slighlty from the one listed in the Project Details tab. Either sheet is acceptable.


    Those juniors and seniors who will be taking Pre-AP, AP, or Honors, please see the specific tabs below for your own summer assignments.

    Sophomores in either Honors or Pre-AP, you should contact or have already contacted Mr. Wagner or Ms. Rebello for your summer assignments.




    History Summer Work (Honors Only)

    • Sophomores - Read "Dead Wake" By Erik Larson
    • Juniors - Read "Killing Kennedy" by Bill O'Reilly
    • Seniors - Civil Rights Project/Paper