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Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School
Fall River - Somerset - Swansea - Westport

Marta Montleon, Superintendent-Director

Brian S. Bentley, Assistant Superintendent-Director/Principal
251 Stonehaven Road
Fall River, Massachusetts 02723

Telephone 508-678-2891
FAX 508-679-6423

Greater Fall River Vocational School District Professional Development Plan
  1. By law, teachers are required to perform professional improvement for maintenance of licensure
  2. Maintenance of licensure is an issue between the teacher and the Massachusetts Department of Education. Neither the administration of Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School nor the Greater Fall River Vocational School District Committee has any jurisdictional control or authority over the Massachusetts Department of Education relative to teacher licensure
  3. By collective bargaining contract teachers are required to perform professional improvement which is totally separate and apart from the Education Reform Act of 1993, or any other applicable law requiring licensure and/or professional development obligations of a teacher or administrator.
  4. Teachers and administrators have the responsibility of performing, professional improvement as required in order to maintain their license. The responsibility of documenting such professional improvement to the satisfaction of the Department of Education is also that of the teacher or administrator.
  5. Professional improvement licensure activities completed by the teacher and/or administrator and approved in advance by the Superintendent-Director shall also be accepted as meeting the contractual professional development obligations to the extent of said activity meeting the requirements of the contract.
The Greater Fall River Vocational School District, for such period as mandated by state law, shall, as a provider of teacher/administrator professional development programs subject to the parameters of budget funding appropriation.
Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School will provide professional development opportunities for academic and vocational faculty, administrators, and support staff to expand their job knowledge; subject matter knowledge; expertise of standards based curriculum, instruction, and assessment.
It is recognized that licensed staff must perform professional development in order to maintain license. Professional development will be accomplished through a combination of the following as applicable to individual staff needs:
  • College credit course offerings
  • Workshops and seminars
  • Site visits to business and industry
  • Study groups
  • In-service training
  • Professional development through industry employment during school vacation periods
  1. Provide in-service training programs. These programs willbe of short duration during released time or after school when specific topic(s) of training will take place.
  2. Form a Study Group. A study group will consist of any number of members necessary to accomplish the objective of the study. Said study group will meet after school and/or during school vacation periods with or without monetary stipend. Study group time must be approved by the Superintendent-Director prior to the start of the study group purpose or project. The group will be led by a convener who shall serve as chairperson. Each meeting, of the group shall have a written agenda. The group shall submit written documentation as evidence of work completed on a proposed project to be implemented. Upon receipt of documentation, each member of the study group shall be awarded appropriate profession at development points. Group hours may vary depending upon the scope of the project to be implemented; however, such time variations, which may require an adjustment in professional development points awarded, must have the advanced approval of the Superintendent-Director.
  3. Reimburse the cost up to a maximum of fifteen (15) credits in graduate or undergraduate course offerings for every five-year (5) re-licensure period, provided that such course(s) is taken for professional development in the individual's area of primary certification. In order to qualify for tuition reimbursement:
    1. The course(s) must be taken at a Massachusetts state-supported community college, college, or university. Course(s) may be taken at private colleges or universities however, such courses will be reimbursed at state college or university rates.
    2. Prior approval for enrollment in a course offering must be obtained from the Superintendent-Director.
    3. Courses must be in an individual's declared area of primary license.
    4. Evidence of successful course completion and method of payment must be presented to the Superintendent-Director prior to any reimbursement.
  4. Provide summer or school vacation professional development training days paid as a stipend determined by the Superintendent-Director based on the teachers' contract work beyond the normal school day rate.
  5. Provide sufficient other no-cost professional development licensure opportunities to meet the requirements of the Education Reform Act of 1993) as further described in 603 CMR 44.00 while in effect. These licensure opportunities may be held at Diman Regional or at other Department of Education approved provider locations. To be eligible for said no-cost professional development licensure opportunities, the teacher/administrator must:
    1.  Declare and have on file in the office of the Superintendent- Director his/her primary area of licensure.
    2. Submit evidence of enrollment in any professional development licensure program to the Superintendent-Director prior to the start of the program or as soon as possible thereafter. The teacher/administrator must pay any and all fees associated with said licensure program and will be reimbursed as specified in paragraph c. below.
    3. c. Submit evidence of successful completion and method of payment of a professional development licensure program to the Superintendent-Director to be reimbursed the cost of said program.
  6. Textbooks and materials associated with any professional licensure program taken by a teacher or administrator necessary to complete the program will become the personal property of the teacher or administrator and the cost of which shall not be reimbursed by the School District.
  7. Laboratory or library fees associated with any professional licensure program taken by a teacher or administrator necessary to complete said program will not be reimbursed by the School District.
  8. In the event that a no-cost professional development program is offered at Diman Regional and there is insufficient Diman faculty/administrators to fill the minimum number of positions required, then:
    1. Said program will be offered to faculty and administrators from within the district school systems first. Should additional faculty/administrators be required to fill the program, then the program will be opened to other school systems.
    2. Any faculty/administrators from school systems other than Diman Regional will be required to submit an approved purchase order from their school system for attending the professional development program.
From the Diman Employee Handbook.
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