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Diman School Nurses' Office

  • Parents and Guardians:

    In accordance with Massachusetts General Law the health office will be conducting mandated screenings throughout January and February.  These screenings are NOT intended to be diagnostic, only to create an awareness of health issues that may require further evaluation from your primary care provider.

    The screenings are designated by grade as follows: 

    • Vision, hearing and scoliosis screenings for Grade 9/Freshmen students
    • BMI screenings for Grade 10/Sophomore students

    You will be informed only if your child's screening indicates concern and need for referral to your primary care provider.  A notice will be sent home requesting you seek follow-up care for your child.

    Parents will only receive notification of their child's BMI results if they are requested from the school nurse.

    Parents/guardians who request for their child to opt out of participating in the screening program must send a WRITTEN request or e-mail to the school nurses prior to the screening date.  Parents will receive an all-call one week before the screenings are scheduled to take place.   

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the school health office.  We thank you for your cooperation. 


    Mrs. Cushman and Mrs. Cusick

    Attention Ninth Grade Parents: Please review the immunization requirements for all Massachusetts students. An updated physical exam is also required at this time. If your child has a physical during the current school year, please send a copy to the school nurse so we may update our records. If your child has not had a recent physical, please make an appointment with your primary care physician. Your child will not be allowed to enter Diman Regional without meeting these state requirements.