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  •  Diman's Mataya Blakney (15) is taking her game to the next level.

    For Diman's Mataya Blakney, basketball paved the road to college

    There had always been a goal, but no real plan on how to reach it. Then came basketball. Diman basketball, to be specific. Prior to high school, Mataya Blakney had never played the game before. Four years later, she's been given a strong financial package to play at the next level at Central Maine Community College. (5/27/16)

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  • Diman inducts 55 into National Honor Society

    The Diman chapter of the National Honor Society held it's 40th annual National Honor Society induction ceremony on Wednesday, May 11th. This ceremony marks the official acceptance of students into the full entitlements of the National Honor Society itself. This year there were 34 new inductees being honored and 21 seniors receiving their honor cords. Members of the administrative staff were present and offered words of congratulations and advice to the students. Advisors Trish Beaudoin and Raymond Machado also had words of inspiration for them. (5/25/16)

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  •  Sophomores Mason Frizado of Fall River and Dylan Barcelos and Kylie Cooper of Westport are headed t

    Diman trio in running to have experiment chosen for space station

    A trio of students from Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School is about to experience a crucial step in the scientific research process: pitching their proposal to established scientists in the field. (5/20/16)

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  •  Thomas Aubin, the Diman vocational coordinator since 2003, interviews for the superintendent-direct

    Tom Aubin selected as next Diman superintendent-director

    Saying Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School needs to move forward, the Regional School Committee voted 5-1 Thursday night to appoint the school’s current vocational coordinator Thomas F. Aubin as its next superintendent-director. (5/13/16)

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  • Left to right: Rep. Alan Silvia, Mikayla Freitas, Ariana Gonzalez, Jonathan Martins, Nick Mota, Kyl

    Culinary arts students represent to representatives

    When Diman Culinary Arts students traveled to the State House in Boston on April 26, they knew they were there to prepare food for members of our congressional delegation, but they didn’t know they were going to get a personal tour by Fall River representative Carole Fiola. (5/12/16)

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  • Diman students celebrate

    Spring brings medals to Diman

    Area residents know they can count on certain events every spring: the first migratory birds returning, the blooming of daffodils, and Diman Regional success at SkillsUSA competitions This year was no different. Over half of Diman’s 80 competitors earned a medal at the SkillsUSA Massachusetts State Leadership & Skills Conference on April 28-30 in Marlborough, MA. Diman took home 25 gold, 12 silver, and 9 bronze medals. In addition, Diman’s Shaun DaRocha won the National Pin Design contest and Brittany Batista was selected to sing the National Anthem at the state conference. (5/5/16)

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  •  By fileting the fish, most of the flesh is taken for cooking, and no gutting or scaling is necessar

    Diman students cook up Bristol Aggie-raised tilapia

    The 132 tilapia that students in Scott Botelho’s culinary arts class at Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School learned how to filet Wednesday morning were swimming less than two hours before they were delivered to their kitchen. “They got here at 9:30 this morning, and were swimming at 8 this morning. It doesn’t get much fresher than that,” Botelho said. (4/17/16)

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  • Swansea softball benched by Diman

    The Diman Building and Property Maintenance program recently built five picnic tables for the Swansea Girls Softball League. The tables were constructed using pressure treated lumber and were designed to last for many years. (4/15/16)

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  •  Dental students pose with Mahoney-Pacheco and Department Head Maria Torres

    Diman Dental (is) Assisting the world’s poor

    Diman’s Dental Assisting program is at it again. Just six months after raising $750 to provide cleft lip surgery for three children in the third world, the department has donated 294 toothbrushes and 93 tubes of toothpaste to be sent to Honduras. (4/14/16)

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Nondiscrimination Policy

  • The Greater Fall River Vocational School District/Diman Regional Vocational-Technical High School prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, sex, age, marital status, national origin, mental or physical disability, political belief or affiliation, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, genetic information and any other class of individuals protected from discrimination under state or federal law in any aspect of the access to, admission, or treatment of students in its programs and activities, or in employment and application for employment. Furthermore, District/School policy includes prohibitions of harassment of students and employees, i.e., racial harassment, sexual harassment, and retaliation for filing complaints of discrimination.

    O Distrito Escolar Vocacional de Greater Fall River e a Escola Regional de Ensino Médio Técnico e Vocacional Diman Regional Vocational-Technical High School proíbem discriminação com base na raça, cor, religião, crença, sexo, idade, estado civil, nacionalidade, deficiência física ou mental, credo ou afiliação política, situação de veterano de guerra, orientação sexual, expressão e identidade de gênero, informações genéticas, além de quaisquer outras categorias de pessoas protegidas contra a discriminação segundo disposto na legislação federal ou estadual quanto a qualquer aspecto do acesso a, admissâo ou tratamento de alunos em seus programas e atividades, ou no emprego e inscrição para emprego. Além disso, a política do Distrito e da Escola inclui proibições de assédio de alunos e funcionários, tais como o assédio racial, assédio sexual e retaliação contra a apresentação de reclamações contra discriminação.

    El Distrito Escolar Vocacional del Gran Fall River/Escuela Secundaria Técnica Vocacional Diman prohíben la discriminación sobre la base de raza, color, religión, credo, sexo, edad, estado civil, origen nacional, discapacidad física o mental, afiliación o creencias políticas, situación de veterano, orientación sexual, identidad y expresión de género, información genética y cualquier otra clase de individuos protegidos contra la discriminación por las leyes federales o del estado sobre cualquier aspecto del acceso a, admisión o tratamiento de estudiantes en sus programas y actividades o en el empleo y solicitud de empleo. Además, la política del Distrito/Escuela incluye prohibiciones de acoso de los estudiantes y empleados, por ejemplo, acoso racial, acoso sexual y represalia por presentar quejas por discriminación.

    សាលា Greater Fall River Vocational School District/Diman Regional Vocational-Technical High School ហាមឃាត់នូវការេរីសេអើង េដាយេយាងេទៅេលើ ជាតិសាសន៍, ពណ៌សំបុរ, សាសនា, េគាលជំេនឿ, េភទ, អាយុ, លក្ខណៈអាពាហ៍ពិពាហ៍, េដើមកំេណើត, ភាពពិការផ្លូវចិត្ដ ឬផ្លូវកាយ, ជំេនឿ ឬនិនា􏰀ការនេយាបាយ, លក្ខណៈអតីតយុទ្ធជន, លក្ខណៈេសពសន្ថវៈ, ភិនភាគេភទ និងមេនាសេញ្ចតនា, ព័ត៌មានេផៅសនា􏰁ន និងវណ្ណៈេផ􏰂ងៗេទៀត ៃនបុគ្គលមា􏰀ក់ៗែដលបាន ការពារ ពីការេរីសេអើង េនៅេ្រកាមច􏰃ប់រដ្ឋ ឬរដ្ឋបាលសហព័ន្ធ និងទិដ្ឋភាពអ្វីៗៃនលទ្ធភាពចំេពាះ, ការអនុ􏰄􏰅តចូល, ឬការ ្រប្រពឹត្ដិរបស់សិស􏰆នុសិស􏰂 េនៅក្នុងកម្មវិធី ឬសកម្មភាពរបស់ខ្លួន, ឬេនៅក្នុងការងារ និងការដាក់ពាក􏰇សុំការងារ េឡើយ។ មិនែតប៉ុេណា􏰈ះេទៀតេសាត ្រកឹត􏰇្រកមរបស់មណ􏰉ល/សាលា ក៏បញ្ចូលនូវការហាមឃាត់ចំេពាះការយាយីៃនសិស􏰆នុសិស􏰂 និងនិេយាជិត ដូចជាការយាយីខាងជាតិសាសន៍, ការយាយីខាងេសពសន្ថវៈ, និងការសងសឹក សំរាប់ការប្ដឹងបណ្ដឹង ៃនការេរីសេអើង។